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'The ultimate music experience at your fingertips! Discover new music of all genres – Rock, Jazz & Blues, World,... see more

"GrooveMaker® is THE app for creating non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time, by anyone, like a... see more

'Learning music theory? Don't go anywhere without this handy music reference from Wolfram--a world leader in technical... see more

'In this book you will find a collection of more than 15 masterpieces of classical music, composed by the greatest... see more

'Bass♫, pronounced 'Bass Notes', is a free interactive note chart for Bass Guitar. Tap the music staff to see and hear... see more

'Guitar... A FREE interactive guitar at your fingertips. Strum and play 16 animated songs using music notation or TAB. ♫... see more

'lay guitar and other string instruments on your iPad. Instruments included are acoustic guitar, classical guitar,... see more

'Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It... see more

'Learning how to play the piano just got even easier with the interactive edition of Piano For Dummies on Inkling. Along... see more

'Find new and trending music. Collect tracks and playlists. Follow friends and artists. Discover podcasts, comedy and... see more

'earning how to play the ukulele just got easier than ever before with the interactive edition of Ukulele For Dummies,... see more

'If you like guitar and music this is the app that will let you browse through the most influential electric guitar icons... see more

'Introducing the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro, an “all-in-one” musician’s tool, presented by the C.L. Barnhouse Co. & developed... see more

'Get the most comprehensive guide around for buying, maintaining, and playing your new guitar with the interactive... see more

'Turn your iPhone®/iPod touch® into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-FX processor and DAW recording studio with... see more

'On The Way To Woodstock is an immersive, interactive timeline that explores the phenomenon of how a generation evolved... see more

Se analiza el papel estructurador que tienen los planos sonoros, que permiten unir o separar los planos visuales en el... see more

Análisis de los elementos necesarios para crear un silencio beethoveniano en una secuencia audiovisual. Se analiza un... see more

Análisis de los cambios de la música percibida como diegética o extradiegética

análisis de la preponderancia de la voz pensamiento en off sobre el resto de elementos en el diseño de sonido, haciendo... see more

análisis de la realización de diálogos y situaciones donde las voces se superponen: elementos que deben grabarse en... see more

Descripción de los elementos que se degradan con el doblaje: la naturalidad de la voz, la profundidad y respuesta... see more

Análisis de los códigos de lugar y región asociados a la música, en particular con los instrumentos y músicas... see more

Análisis de las músicas que se asocian a épocas en función de la orquestación y de el lenguaje musical utilizado. Se... see more