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Roku com link code is the code that you use to activate or link the streaming device. Let us know how to activate your... see more

Total quality through six sigma. It is the aplication of Six Sigma in garment manufacturing.  The objetive try to... see more

A simple, friendly introduction to DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Maturity assessment of IT Governance using COBIT 4 Process Assessment Model (PAM). Presented for Information System... see more

If you want to get setup for the popular productivity suite- Microsoft Office- then just go to Users... see more

To activate your office online you need to go to or to redeem your product key.

 HostNoc offers extensive service to our customers worldwide regarding DDOS protection, cloud management and server... see more

This 9 minute video provides and introduction to activity based costing.  A simple example is included to show the viewer... see more

Guided video example of computing LIFO inventory valuation method

This is a guided video example of closing entries for accounting that shows the general journal entries used.

This is a guided video example showing how to complete a bank reconciliation for accounting purposes.

A Discussion of Tax Research

Explanation of the cash flow statement.

A Discussion of Relevant Costs

This 1 hour webcast from the Nonprofit Quarterly a recap on FASB’s new liquidity disclosure for nonprofits and financial... see more

Everyday, we encounter situations in which someone seems to be selling something for more than it's worth. But can you... see more

En la pagina WebQuest mostramos a continuacion, una serie de tareas, trabajos, introducciones, etc

This 20:22 minute video posted on addresses internal controls important for nonprofit... see more

This presentation explores what sexual harassment is, the three conditions that constitute harassing behavior, and the... see more

Enterslice is Award Winning Legal Technology Company that helps entrepreneurs start and manage their business in India.... see more

This video selects some quotes from Steve Jobs. The presenter demonstrates how these comments are applied to branding

The stronger and deeper your brand culture, the more opportunity your brand has to bond with the customer. Great brands... see more

Google "Think" events bring together Google's largest customers (advertisers) for one-day, Ted-like conferences at Google... see more