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C_Charts is an interactive Java Applet for displaying time related information in the form of Gantt Charts. Data is in... see more

This mortgage calculator helps you to find out your monthly payment based on the pricipal, interest rate, and the... see more

Stockscape is a realtime stock market information service similar to a Reuters or Telerate screen. It provides a stock... see more

This calculator allows the user to easily change variables affecting a projects retirement saving total.

This applet lets the user compare their 401(k) funds in regards to return and investment risk. Example data only for... see more

This simple calculator enables one to determine the lifetime value of a customer. One must input Average Sale, Buys per... see more

Play on-line games and simulation to learn about using Credit, buying a car, paying for college, and budgeting

The Beer Game is a simulation which illustrates the basic principles of systems dynamics, as well as for teaching supply... see more

This interactive module has several features to help students understand Supply/Demand and Market interaction. This... see more

Association Global View creates and fosters international linkages between universities and colleges throughout the... see more

The Near Beer Game simulation is based on the concept behind supply chain management; to deliver customers orders... see more

A comprehensive business simulation game allowing people to start, run and grow a company and learn about business.... see more

At the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University,students' appetites are whetted for Operations Management by... see more

Baristasim is coffee shop management simulation game in which students set up and run their coffee shop business. The... see more

Aprende y practica las mejores técnicas para lograr un carisma optimo por medio del chat de skype, al entrar en nuestra... see more

Red Flags, is a mobile game that players can download on their tablet devices. The game puts the student in the shoes of... see more

The AMSPEC provides access to six major finanical databases to the California State University (CSU) system. The... see more

This is a "fun" way of testing a student's knowledge of geography. Through clicking the mouse, the student flies a... see more

Air Travel Information System using SRI's Speech Recognition, Natural Language and Open Agent Architecture.

an on-line Java shopping system designed to make on-line shopping easy and intuitive for both the shopper and the web... see more

Add a chart to your web page, we have the Termometer chart shown on the right, or the bar, stacked bar, line and XY... see more

Brint Institute, an information management firm, offers this large collection of free resources for business, technology,... see more

Ptplot is a plotting package that is based on the xgraph X11 Window System utility written by David Harrison. In addition... see more

This is a simulation that demonstrates the concepts of utility and marginal pricing. The student learns to realize that... see more