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An assignment about using Google AdWords.  As a pre-requisite, students need access to a website that does not currently... see more

The retail alphabet game is a fun branding-oriented quiz presented in a puzzle-style environment. At present, there are... see more

This website provides a huge collection of advertising slogans, jingles and catchphrases from the past 100 years. This... see more

This is an exercise that shows how to install and use the All In One SEO Pack in WordPress.  The exercise assumes that... see more

Here you can find materials for your data warehousing, DSS/BI, or database class, access knowledge and training materials... see more

The Gender Ads Project is organized in a number of topical areas or tropes of advertising. These are themes have been... see more

A short assignment whereby students use Twitter for one hour.

A collection of commercials that illustrate various advertising principles such as minimizing price and showing good... see more

A short exercise that walks through the steps associated with installing a CAPTCHA on a WordPress blog.  

Several of the major Web Marketing components discussed in this Web Marketing Tutorial include: search engine... see more

Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.

Step-by-step instructions on getting a website started in WordPress.  It assumes that students have their own domain name... see more

To acquire hands-on experience working in groups to develop and track a short e-mail marketing newsletter using... see more

This exercise walks students through the steps associated with purchasing a domain name and getting web (blog) hosting... see more

A compilation of online resources that can be used in courses such as integrated marketing communications (IMC),... see more

An assignment on how to create a Twitter account, setting up a follower list, and using Twitter.  

This sitei provides information on how to write an abbreviated Marketing Plan to support the launch of a new product. The... see more

Free resources on the topic of marketing.

Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.

Information about marketing research for an introductory marketing course., home of the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame, runs the world's most comprehensive advertising slogans... see more

Information about channels of distribution for an introductory marketing course.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a great hands-on exercise for undergraduate or graduate students in classes such... see more