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Through interactive graphs, ThinkEconomics illustrates basic economic principles that are taught in a college-level... see more

This lesson focuses on the April 27, 2012, first (advance) estimate of U.S. real gross domestic product (real GDP) growth... see more

This case study examines the monthly inflation in consumer prices and discusses future inflation. Also discussed are the... see more

In this lesson plan, students will consider the following question: In deciding to secede from the Union in 1861, did the... see more

This is an interactive material that describes average cost and the break even point.  

Classroom Expernomics is a newsletter dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom.... see more

Problems in Microeconomics is a set of practice problems and interactive lecture displays for students and faculty in... see more

This submission is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR). This StAIR is designed for a high school level economics... see more

This is a lesson plan that utilizes a linked article from November 2000. The purpose of the plan is to: 1. explain how... see more

This case is designed to introduce students to the basic tools of supply and demand, and to observe and predict how they... see more

This is a case study of the March 2001 increase in the balance of trade. The case provides graphical information about... see more

This is a lesson plan to illustrate the concept of market share and market power through a linked article. The plan helps... see more

To get a quick review of the Elasticity Concept in Microeconomics, this page provides a short readings and lecture... see more

This site provides nine instances in which students are presented with a situation and asked to identify the opportunity... see more

This lesson plan includes a link to an article for students to read. The purpose of the plan is for students 1) to... see more

חוברת תרגילים בנושאים שונים במיקרו-כלכלה הכוללת תשובות לתרגילים, מתוך האתר Gool. באתר סרטון המציג את פתרון השאלות בפרק... see more

This is a lesson plan which links to an article about the topic. The purpose of the lesson is to help students: 1)... see more

This lesson concerns the interrelated concepts of scarcity, choice, and costs. The objectives are to Define the... see more

This is a lesson plan that emphasizes the importance of social cooperation. The purpose of the plan is to help students... see more

This case study concerns the Fed's decision to lower interest rates in May 2001. Background information is provided for... see more

The purpose of this module is to provide students access to easily understood, timely interpretations of monthly... see more

This case study demonstrates the concepts of Deflation, Economic growth, Economic institutions, Inflation, Productivity,... see more

In this lesson plan, students will learn to Explain why collectibles are a high-risk investment option; Explain how... see more

This lesson plan and its linked article help students to understand the basic incentive structure economic systems... see more