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15.389B Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa enables teams of students to work with... see more

The course presents an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective of electric power systems, with regulation providing the... see more

This course surveys major topics and theories in the field of Industrial Organization. As part of the applied... see more

15.872 is a continuation of 15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics. It emphasizes tools and methods needed to apply... see more

This course is designed for students particularly concerned with the practical problems of operating in large formal... see more

The course provides a graduate level introduction to Industrial Organization. It is designed to provide a broad... see more

This course in organizational economics prepares doctoral students for further study in the field. The course introduces... see more

15.015 Macro and International Economics focuses on the policy and economic environment of firms. This subject divided in... see more

This course examines opportunities and risks firms face in today's global market. It provides conceptual tools for... see more