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Abstract: Many nurse executives and managers have had to learn financial management skills, including planning,... see more

This case study outlines the structure and implementation of an online introductory finance course developed at the... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Business Commons provides you with 60,700+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an outstanding, academic, Open Access publisher with... see more

Investors in private corporations face unique problems relating to corporate control, illiquidity and valuation of... see more

To most people entrepreneurship is solely about innovation and entering a new venture. For example, Hisrich and Peters... see more

For the past fifty years in the United States, venture capital (VC) has provided initial funding to innovative... see more

The paper examines the liquidity risk of a private equity firm that decides to dispose of a large holding in its... see more

This study measured the impacts of the industrial characteristics and the fiscal incentives that influenced foreign... see more

In this article we test the value proposition hypothesis of supply chain management (SCM) by examining survey results of... see more

This paper studies venture capital investment activity in the United States stratified by both locations and industries.... see more

Changing conditions in the angel market offer a unique opportunity to further knowledge and understanding about angel... see more

This paper investigates the actual performance of 2,895 Initial Public Offerings of companies that were backed by venture... see more

This paper investigates the actual performance of 2,678 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of companies that were backed by... see more

Money laundering, which is closely linked with tax evasion and informal trade, is facilitated by the poorly regulated... see more

Two alternatives research hypotheses concerning how small business lending affects bank profitability are tested. The... see more

This article explores the use of debt capital by small firms using data from the 1998 Survey of Small Business Finances.... see more

In this research we provide evidence on small firm owners' attitudes and approaches to capital acquisition. The most... see more

Efficiency and effectiveness for all entrepreneurial firms requires that limited resources be put to their best use. Thus... see more

This article examines theories of capital structure pertaining to small firms and looks at the capital structure of small... see more

Both solid business ventures and those not on as firm a footing can fail because they do not manage risk properly. This... see more

This study examines the characteristics of the venture capital industry in Australia. Our analysis is based on responses... see more

This current GAAP determination of a going concern is shortsighted for two important reasons. The most important deals... see more

One can define entrepreneurship, at its most basic level, as rent-seeking behavior. This behavior can be productive, as... see more