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This micro lesson takes you through the different dimensions of the Big Five Personality model as it discusses what they... see more

The content focuses on three main themes: Strategic Planning for Digital Accessibility – Developing an implementation... see more

Esta obra está integrado por doce capítulos estructurados en cuatro núcleos temáticos: a) la competitividad en las... see more

Networking Minds for Open Innovation, Solving Complex Problems (video), When you unleash the power of diverse points of... see more

The purpose of this book is to help boards of directors of nonprofit organizations improve their performance after... see more

New types of value creation. We have heard that song before. In the mid 1990’s there was an overflow of literature... see more

This online course is focused on many different aspects of team management, including but not limited to team... see more

Poka-yoke is a technique for avoiding simple human error in the workplace. Also known as mistake-proofing, goof-proofing,... see more

This is an introduction to flow charts and includes how to use flow charts to map out, explain and communicate processes... see more

By integrating these tools, much can be gained in a business’ process improvement endeavors.

This is a good example of LEAN methods and Kaizen applied in manufaturing. Paul Akers and Andrey go over using Kaizen... see more

This is an overview of the definition and how to use the 5 Whys,  which is a quality tool. Instructions lead students... see more

This e-book received 6,500 downloads in its first launch month in 2014. It fundamentally realigns your approach to job... see more

Today’s business is all about people. It is about communication, relationships and about presenting yourself, your... see more

This book is the last of seven books which introduces the basic principles of accounting. In this book you will learn... see more

The book is a journey through human progress focusing on the construct of psychologically safe workplaces which has... see more

This study guide is designed to give a coherent view of the underlying principles quality management, and how these... see more

The world of higher education is undergoing profound and rapid changes. These changes are forcing our educational systems... see more

This textbook introduces the reader to the different approaches and schools within strategic thinking as well as the... see more

This is the first part of the two-part book on ‘Duty of Care’. It contains an implementation approach of seven-steps, the... see more

Aristotle maintained that happiness is a function of four factors: health, wealth, intellectual virtue and moral virtue.... see more

Benchmark the health of your organization’s ethics systems. Rate your organization against the following 90 best... see more

These 14 videos, based on my Business Ethics textbook, focuses on what it takes to create organizations of high integrity... see more

Total quality through six sigma. It is the aplication of Six Sigma in garment manufacturing.  The objetive try to... see more