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Partner Only Material chuyên cung cấp các loại thực phẩm bổ sung, dinh dưỡng thể hình, sữa tăng cơ Whey Protein, sữa tăng cân Mass... see more

This is a collection of assignments created for an advertising class. Because the topics are common to any advertising... see more

This is a collection of assignments that can be used in a Retail Managment course. They are based on a textbook, but... see more

NOTE: This book is from BookBoon which is free for 30 days. Then one must subscribe to their service which costs $5.99... see more

The forest industry is increasingly global and every marketer of forest products should have a global perspective. As a... see more

Managing in-location experiences has never been more stressful. Those who must attract and retain customers to sustain... see more

One of your key responsibilities as a product or brand manager will be to draft a Marketing Plan. Typically these... see more

The easy to use website provides you the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and SIC (Standard... see more

Course description This course aims to provide fundamental knowledge of branding. The course introduces key concepts in... see more

This free course, Marketing in the 21st century, offers a managerial perspective on how to deliver more effective... see more

A tease to Episode 2 of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast with a chat with Maria Grazia Suriano of Associazione culturale... see more

Those of you who have worked in media or marketing may have heard the term 'storyworld'. But what exactly is a... see more

On Episode 2 of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast for Media, Educators, Technologists, and Creators, author of Animals of... see more

In this first episode of the Sustainable Funding Vlogcast for Media, Educators, Technologists, and Creators in general,... see more

Para el esquema de las torres y cubículos es indispensable el manejo de cajas originales, además de evitar el re-empaque... see more

Immigration to Canada can be best achieved through the saskatchewan pnp express entry, by which you can make Saskatchewan... see more

In this mini-case study, you are required to determine whether a joint venture between Tesco Bank and Aviva (insurance)... see more

An insurance firm is looking to upgrade its operating software system. They are faced with three alternatives, which are... see more

In the case study below, this B2B firm is considering their strategic growth options. However, they are faced with two... see more

For this exercise, assume that you are the marketing manager for a large hotel chain. You’ve been asked to put together a... see more

This activity highlights several common channel conflict situations, across three different industries. For each... see more

A common cliché is ‘let’s cut out the middle man’. Removing the middle-man (a wholesaler) from the channel will provide a... see more

Many franchise systems tend to be retail-based. While franchises typically have a greater success rate than new... see more

This activity outlines two situations in regards to the potential impact on the firm’s positioning due to their... see more