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The website shares ideas and concepts focusing on the role plants play in our daily life. Teachers can have students... see more

This website has many links and gives you an idea on life in Egypt and students use their time, what they eat,what they... see more

A useful site to learn about the history and architcture of Orlean

Lesson plan to encourage students to consider the effect their individual actions have on the group. To encourage... see more

Students will be engaged in creating the classroom rules.

To learn about developing classroom rules. To learn about making rules for a group of people when the group is comprised... see more

ESL jokes, Idiom of the day, grammar, vocabulary and activities.

The lesson plans help ESL students to use words to a pervasive aspect of everyday life.

Holiday activities and lesson plans for Elementary students.

Lesson plans for all grades; language art, math, science, classroom management, art, and more.

Free songs, games and lesson plans for ESL students.

The importance of learning languages.

Lesson plans to assist students creating their own projects in different subject areas such as: Art, Business, Language... see more

Teachers will use the French songs to engage students in learning in class and at home. Students can listen to songs at... see more

History or Ibn Battuta, the traveller.

Lesson plans and activities for after school programs; art, music, technology, writing, games, and more.  

What educators do to accommodate Arab students to ensure their learning and protect their rights.

Male and female Arabic names

Dispription of the city (Avignon), history, architecture, places to go and moe.