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Highly interactive mathematics activities for students and educators.

This java applet simulates drawing block and mat diagrams on isometric dot paper. Part of the NCTM Illuminations project.

The virtual lab includes four modules that investigate different concepts in evolutionary biology, including adaptation,... see more

From the popular Annenberg/CPB Channel workshop "Private Universe Project in Mathematics," this Shockwave simulation... see more

Susan Wyckoff is the PI for this project to build a premier site for exchange of Science, Math, Engineering, and... see more

The United States participated along with 40 other nations in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study... see more

Excellent computer-based mathematical manipulatives and interactive learning tools at elementary and middle school... see more

Touch decimals Place value ± Double interactive place value chart. Wireless abacus. - Show and experience the addition... see more

The Math Solutions Newsletter contains over 20 innovative hands-on activities for teaching a range of mathematics... see more

PKAL, an informal, national alliance working to strengthen undergraduate learning in mathematics, engineering, and the... see more

We've recently launched a new collection of free educational online whiteboard resources. They are from our Absorb... see more

The Physics 8.02 Website and CD are divided into seven sections: Vector Fields, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Faraday's... see more

SATE 6.2 freeware includes the popular 2D programs EStat and PerMag. The education programs have full capabilities but... see more

'Beginning chemistry students can use this app to visualize the mathematical relationships occurring between substances... see more

'Trigonir© is a product of a long lasting career in education. Teachers of mathematics have long been searching for a way... see more


'Multiplayer Math Game (up to 5 devices)! You can now use two devices and play competitively or cooperatively with your... see more

'A math game intended for upper elementary and middle school students that helps students enjoy practicing their order of... see more