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We have team of highly experienced wrietrs to provide all types of academic assignments if you face... see more

With our new Online classroom, tuition has become more accessible. Whether you're increasing your knowledge in time for... see more

     This site contains thousands of flash cards for nursing students.  These will help test your general nursing... see more

Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. Swift adopts the best of C and... see more

This is a multi-level instruction on Information Literacy. The tutorials are individual and can be used alone or as a... see more

These are sets of information literacy modules that explain this from choosing topics, generating keywords, reliability... see more

These tutorials are a multi-level resource that covers the areas of what is information literacy, search strategies,... see more

These information literacy modules are a good resource to help students with accessing information, evaluating resources... see more

These modules are provided by Marquette University. It was developed to help their first year English program, but it is... see more

The tutorial is provided within 9 distinct books, which you can work through independently. You don't have to start from... see more

La Comunicación asertiva en Espacios Virtuales de Aprendizaje recibe Varios Nombres, de Etiqueta Roja, Protocolos de... see more

C language tutorial for users

This prototype presents an exercise for students of the subject of Semiotics.

This is an MR Angiography sequence of a 46-year old male patient who was being investigated for TIA. The image sequence... see more

This is an MR angiography sequence of a 46-year old male patient who was being investigated for TIA. The image sequence... see more

This website includes LibGuides, guides to government information, and research worksop. Tutorials include specific... see more

Se presenta un objeto de aprendizaje acerca del paradigma cognitivista.

Water Screen is a discrepant event, or short experiment, that demonstrates the properties of cohesion and surface... see more

Interactive 5-part online tutorial on intellectual property, including plagiarism, file sharing,  citing resources, and... see more

This article will teach you how to throw a football A) Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the... see more

This quick, interactive tutorial will help you: Develop a general topic or idea into a set of exploratory research... see more

The resources on this page are designed to help classroom teachers create and use classroom resources to improve student... see more

Este material fue creado principalmente como guia para la gente que se le dificulte el estudio de las matematicas.

Anthropology Tutorials created by Dr. Dennis O'Neil at Palomar College, San Marcos  covers topics in both Physical... see more