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A teaching resource for digital literacy, stimulus for story telling and creativity that is FREE to download. It has been... see more

'Is taking an online class a good fit for you? Learning through an online class requires different skills than learning... see more

This toolkit provides the foundational "habits of mind" or skills that underlie approaches to effectively interacting... see more

This course focuses on strategies for library and information professionals. It includes a syllabus and many resources on... see more

Colorado Libraries 2.0 is a learning program to help library staff become familiar with Web 2.0 tools. This is Colorado's... see more

In the following modules, you will follow Jason and Emily through their first year of college as they are "mentored" by... see more

Copyright for Librarians is a joint project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and EIFL, a consortium of... see more

This is a free course offered as part of the Saylor Foundation's Professional Development program. 'This program is... see more

This I-Search research course provides instruction in self-reflective research processes that involve a variety of... see more

The resources included in this collection were selected from a careful survey of the available library literature... see more

This class focused first on personal information management practices, and then expanded to include connecting with the... see more

ABLE has been providing library basics for library staff world-wide since 1998. Over 5,000 ABLE Course Completion... see more

This is an online course. The following is a description from the course syllabus: "IST 600: Gaming in Libraries is about... see more

The content for the Youth Services Sequence is an interactive learning module divided into individual sections. As you... see more

Alison offers 400 free interactive, multimedia, online courses to help you explore and discover new learning... see more

Apprenticechip is a course on case studies in and techniques for creating digital libraries for apprentice learners. The... see more

This course serves as an in-depth look at literacy theory in media contexts, from its origins in ancient Greece to its... see more

This unit will help you to identify and use information in Society, whether for your work, study or personal purposes.... see more

This course is an introduction to copyright law and American law in general. Topics covered include: structure of federal... see more

Online learning resouce covering introduction to the IMPACT Digitisation OER with details of other modules in the series.... see more

Online learning resouce covering Migration, Storage & Preservation for large scale digitisation of historic text based... see more

Online learning resouce covering IPR and copyright for projects and programmes involved in the mass digitisation and OCR... see more

Online learning resouce covering the outsourcing of digitisation and/or OCR for large scale digitisation of historic text... see more

Online learning resouce covering Project Planning for large scale digitisation of historic text based materials and their... see more