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Full of great tutorials, this website provides everything from the basic parts of speech all the way to writing the... see more

Research Roadmap is an interactive online tutorial for students wanting an introduction to research skills. The tutorial... see more

This tutorial explores annotations and abstracts, providing definitions, identifying elements to include, and discussing... see more

This is an Assignment Calculator created by the University of British Colombia. Students enter the date they will begin... see more

Discusses concepts in topic development, including sizing topics, finding an angle, introducing complexity, and viewing... see more

Describes the differences between scholarly journals and magazines.

This tutorial teaches students how to develop a research question that will clarify their topic and guide their research... see more

Visual aid describing the parts of an academic journal article.  

This aid includes examples of in text citations, reference page citations and paper formatting in APA style. The aid is... see more

InfoRhode Tutorials is an online tutorial that explores the basics of college-level research. It consists of six... see more

This tutorial will help students generate effective search terms for internet or database searching. A CLIP tutorial

This video provides greater detail in understanding Call Numbers and finding materials on library shelves.

A basic overview of things pertaining to libraries. It has information on the Dewey Decimal System, shelving, call... see more

This library tutorial features 2 separate sections--one titled "Library" for general library researching skills, and the... see more

Students will learn to differentiate between popular and scholarly sources and will be able to use them appropriately in... see more

The Research Success Tutorial Suite is a collection of bite-sized, interactive tutorials designed to provide students at... see more

This tutorial is designed to help you understand unique characteristics of information production and dissemination in... see more

This prezi is a brief tutorial on article types focused on the Hospitality & Tourism Management subject area.  It could... see more

Students will learn some of the reasons it is important to cite sources when writing a research paper. A CLIP tutorial

Discusses how to choose a topic that interests you, find background information, create a research question, try a... see more

A series of information literacy modules from the University of Idaho.

These brief, video tutorials are designed to help students use the library and enhance their information literacy... see more

A plagiarism workbook that is ideal for introducing and working through the concept of plagiarism with college and... see more

A series of online tutorials and workshops by the University of Manchester Library that helps students with the following... see more