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The aim of this study was to make salient the key characteristics and tacit competencies that build an effective... see more

Universities are increasingly experimenting with the online domain to connect with busy and digital-savvy students and... see more

The following materials and information reflects the essential role of Instructional Science in Education and how can an... see more

This is an online article with tips and tricks for online educators in managing and teaching their classes.

An online journal article from Faculty Focus telling how to apply 7 good practice principles for the online classroom.... see more

המאמר עוסק בויסות עצמי בלמידה ובגורמים המשפיעים עליו. ויסות עצמי הוא תהליך אקטיבי בו הלומד מציב לעצמו מטרות ומנסה לשלוט... see more