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Universities have made a considerable investment in the use of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to facilitate their... see more

This article describes how college instructors in a graduate literacy degree program surveyed candidates to determine... see more

This study used the technology acceptance model to explore undergraduate students’ perceptions of the virtual world of... see more

This booklet about school quality guides educational data analysis. It explains how data informs key decisions, and... see more

This publication is a summary of nine literacy, language and numeracy research reports published by the New Zealand... see more

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (NJDL) is aimed at researchers, school authorities, school leaders in primary and... see more

This meta-analysis summarizes the impact of digital technology use in UK schools relative to academic achievement.

This quarterly, open access, peer-reviewed international e-journal covers a wide range of research on all aspects of... see more

As online and blended delivery formats in college physical activity and wellness courses gain popularity, assessment of... see more

It has been suggested that open educational resources (OER) can lower cost and lead to greater flexibility, however while... see more

The Digital Commons Network: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons provides you with 1900+ open access, full-text... see more

After a review of the current knowledge base of what is known -- and what isn't -- related to the uses of ICTs in... see more

Marie Sontag offers a new learning theory to shape K-12 teaching. Sontag's social and cognitive connectedness schema... see more

סיכום ותוצאות מחקר-פעולה במרכז הלמידה "מעיין", המרכז למשאבים ייעוץ והכוונה, במכללת אורנים. המחקר תוכנן כמחקר הערכה מעצבת,... see more

המאמר עוסק בויסות עצמי בלמידה ובגורמים המשפיעים עליו. ויסות עצמי הוא תהליך אקטיבי בו הלומד מציב לעצמו מטרות ומנסה לשלוט... see more