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This wiki was created by Vivien Rolfe and Catherine Cronin for their workshop at the UK Association of Learning... see more

The author, Clark Quinn,will be giving an upcoming webinar where he makes his case for defining microlearning.  And, as... see more

This resource is dedicated to a dozen specific concepts from the most recent literature on brain based learning... see more

Wilson's blog page distinguishes Creative thinking from Analytical and Practical Thinking in very concise and... see more

This excellent and well researched resource provides all you need to know about the flipped classroom, what it is, how it... see more

The Excelsior College OWL Educator Resources Handbook provides details about the content and activities contained within... see more

This workshop introduces teachers to MERLOT, emphasizing its use in instructional design.

This workshop explains ICT literacy and its importance. It covers ICT literacy standards and representative MERLOT... see more

This workshop explains how to select MERLOT learning objects that support teaching and learning.

This workshop explains how to design student-centered technology-rich projects and locate supporting resources.

This four-part workshop explains MERLOT and how to use it to foster ICT literacy by choosing learning objects to help... see more

Website to support professional development for incorporating technology into the curriculum. The site includes... see more

This lesson was the second place winner in the 2011 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'We wanted to come up with an innovative... see more

Interactive tool that uses a decision tree to help instructors identify the type of social media they might want to... see more

La siguiente investigación, de corte cualitativo, tiene por finalidad exponer los resultados de la aplicación de una... see more

Trabajo de Tesis para optar a grado de Magister, Universidad Tecnológica INACAP; Efectividad de estrategias de enseñanza... see more

Resumen El siguiente trabajo fue realizado sobre una metodología cualitativa y utilizando la investigación acción en el... see more

La presente investigación acción “Enseñanza de las Habilidades del Pensamiento para la Toma de Decisiones y Resolución... see more

Resumen de Tesis de los investigadores Ingrid Cabello, Pía Pérez y Marco Ríos para optar al grado de Magister en... see more

Evaluación de Trabajo en Equipo para potenciar habilidades interpersonales en Educación Superior  

This website provides information on the Persian curriculum guideline for college study of this language. 

This site presents three training modules (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) will provide all the information needed... see more