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The authors present a concise list of the differences between adult and child learners. They define an adult learning... see more

This article from Penn State discusses some characteristics of adult learners and provides some hints on how to teach... see more

This article focuses on 14 psychological factors that are primarily internal to and under the control of the learner... see more

Although adult learning is relatively new as field of study, it is just as substantial as traditional education and... see more

This is a free online textbook that contains eight chapters. Chapter 1 identifies the elements of teaching style. Chapter... see more

This is from a Teaching Guide for Graduate Students. It explains the three basic theories of learning: behaviorist,... see more

This is an article that contains a number of suggestions for how to motivate adult learners. In addition to principles of... see more

This study from Australia reports "on the Net Generation and finds: 1. The rhetoric that university students are Digital... see more

This is a free, online pamphlet offered by MIT's OpenCourseWare.  "The booklet represents a survey of the literature in... see more

This is a search page from SERC (Science Education Research Center) that provides links to a variety of articles on... see more

Teachers, instructors and faculty are facing unprecedented change, with often larger classes, more diverse students,... see more

With our unique focus on writing, our innovative web-born format and our open review process, we seek to move beyond the... see more

This site, from the Department of Justice provides information about adult learners and how they learn. As the authors... see more

This article discusses the inevitable "bumps" in trying to institute student-centered instruction from both the student... see more

This site provides nine principles of practice for assessing students. These range from "The assessment of student... see more

This site provides a list that presenting eight basic principles that underlie effective learning, distilled from... see more

This is actually a short summary of the major chapters in book entitled "Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to... see more

This site contains resources for a model of learning styles generally referred to as the Felder-Silverman model. The... see more

'This is an enhanced version of podkicker, rewritten from scratch with new features. ★ Plays audio and videocasts. ★... see more

This is a seven minute video that explains the basics of APA formatting. Written by a graduate student, it is meant to... see more

There are a number of approaches for thinking about learning styles of students and a number of instruments for helping... see more

In this article, the author begins by examining learning as a product and as a process. The process examination delves... see more

This is an occasional paper from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. The paper suggests that regardless of... see more

The paper is a synopsis of the characteristics, motivations, and preferences of today’s adult learners, as well as the... see more