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Free Downloadable English Translations of Classic Poetry, translated by A.S. Kline.

The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales (OACCT) is a volume of introductory chapters for first-time,... see more

The aim of the Archive is to create an easily used system in which electronic texts are closely linked to digital copies... see more

The Shelley-Godwin Archive will provide the digitized manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,... see more

This OER Frankenstein text is provided by the University of Virginia.

Open Source Shakespeare attempts to be the best free Web site containing Shakespeare's complete works. It is intended for... see more

Lit 2 Go contains stories and poems in mp3 (audiobook) format.

For background detail on Greek theatre productions at the National Theatre, see our online exhibit... see more

Have you ever wondered how we got the Bible we have today, and why different religious traditions have different books in... see more

From the Landing Page:  Our purpose is to serve the needs of students, scholars, and Hopkins enthusiasts, especially... see more

The largest study of its kind shows a high prevalence of adverse childhood experiences — or ACEs — across the population,... see more

The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively... see more

  Tailored to the OCR Latin AS and A Level specifications from 2019–2021   Cicero composed his incendiary Philippics only... see more

An Open Source Logic and Critical Thinking Textbook

Este objeto de aprendizaje tiene como propósito definir los actos lingüísticos y del habla, con el propósito de valorar e... see more

This text provides an upper-level undergraduate introduction and explanation of the social and cognitive processes... see more

This textbook introduces aspects of the history of Canada since Confederation. “Canada” in this context includes... see more

Canadian History: Pre-Confederation is a survey text that introduces undergraduate students to important themes in North... see more

This book is an open-access collection of primary and secondary sources for Canadian history. It is suitable for use at... see more

The book provides a critical and constructive assessment of the many contributions to social science and politics made by... see more

Reality Czech is a next generation openly licensed Czech textbook and curriculum currently under development by Dr.... see more