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Intriguing Times images stripped of their captions -- and an invitation to students to discuss them live.

This documents a free webinar as part of the series on Media Literacy in the Library. Our current media ecosystem is... see more

This textbook aims to give learners more confidence in your reading, writing, researching, and speaking abilities as... see more

Citizen Literacy is an online toolkit that promotes the development of key information skills for democratic citizenship... see more

This curriculum for educators in formal and informal education environments provides step-by-step guidance and... see more

This website provides many activites to integrate ICT into English curriculum of reading and writing.

This is a collection of data journalism training materials. Many (although not all) of the exercises have directions that... see more

The News Literacy Project works with educators and journalists to give students the skills they need to discern fact from... see more

Share My Lesson offers free lesson plans, teacher resources and classroom activities created by dedicated educators.

This web page is adapted from a blog from the News and Information Literacy Professional Learning Community on the... see more

This newspaper provides resources for teachers to "Bring the World Into Your Classroom."

See issues and political news with news bias revealed. Non-partisan, crowd-sourced technology shows all sides so you can... see more

Fact-checking journalism is the heart of PolitiFact. Their core principles are independence, transparency, fairness,... see more

Lead Stories uses the Trendolizer engine to detect and debunk the latest trending fake news stories and hoaxes found on... see more

Full Fact is the UK's independent fact checking organisation

First Draft provides resources, research and training for reporting and sharing information that emerges online.

Find out if that latest internet news sensation, hype, viral video, photo is a FAKE or FACT. We do our homework, so you... see more

This guide helps reporters to verify digital content.

Learn Visualization for Data Journalism from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The purpose of this class is to... see more

The IRE Educators’ Center provides a meeting place for journalism educators to share ideas, course materials and... see more

Create interactive, responsive & beautiful charts; no code required.

This is a PDF download. This fake news poster explains fake news: its consumption, discernment, and instructional... see more

This UNESCO handbook for journalism education and training addresses news industry transformations, trust, information... see more

“Using the themes of credibility and information literacy, the book helps today’s students, who start out all their... see more