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This home page gives access to several aspects of the library such as using the library, the copyright office,... see more

Presented by the Smithsonian Institution, this site gives quick answers to frequently asked questions. It includes... see more

This great site contains links to many different great reference sites including multi-language dictionaries,... see more

The Nationalism Project is one of the internet's leading resources for the study of nationalism. It is produced by Eric... see more

All thisinformation includes some history about hurricanes that have ocurred in the coast (Bluefields) Nicaragua

A Ghanaian man, named K for this purpose, who had a wife and children in Ghana, had come ahead of his family to find work... see more

This site enables quick and easy searches on well known buildings and architects throughout the world. It is extremely... see more

Presentación utilizada en las clases de comunicación oral y escrita por la profesora Paola Barría. La asignatura es de... see more

An extensive source for online fiction, nonfiction, verse, and reference books, this Website contains not only classic... see more

This site is a brief history of the Japanese Kimono and how it has evolved through the ages. It describes the materials,... see more

My reason to submit this site is that aside from the pleasure of listening to music that is custome made to one’s taste,... see more

England 1909, Robert Falcon Scott is preparing to go to the end of the Earth, the South Pole. Meanwhile in Norway, Roald... see more

Jack the Ripper, one of the most infamous serial killers of all times. Everyone has heard about the atrocities committed... see more

this website is an excellent resource for educator as well as parents. it helps you learn how to set a time to spend with... see more

"Anacleta’s Spanish and World Language and Culture Links and Resources” is a comprehensive source of materials and... see more

This database connects a piece of architecture to works of literature, film, theater, and art. The connection is made by... see more

"The online companion to the weekly PBS television news program." Provides transcripts, video clips and podcasts of each... see more

One of the best sites I've found for displaying statistics and geography.

Humanities computing applied to the study of the ancient world

Includes biographical information and works of the author. Also, includes an overview of plots, themes, settings, and... see more

KnightCite is an online citation generator service provided by the Hekman Library of Calvin College. This service... see more

The mission statement of MOVE is founded in the belief that the ability to move is the first foundation stone in building... see more

Information about the life and art work of Jose Campeche during the XVIII century.

This web site contains a collection of interactive learning activities to help student learn about the great pyramids.