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Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind (edited by Heather Salazar) surveys the central themes in philosophy of... see more

To be a good writer, you must have the paradoxical trait of being a gregarious loner. Marcel Proust claimed that he... see more

Este proyecto ofrece una recopilación de textos (artículos y fragmentos de libros y manuales para la formación de... see more

This OER textbook has been designed for students to learn the foundational concepts for English 100 (first-year college... see more

Partner Only Material

For both teachers and independent learners, is a collection of interactive web-based activities for... see more

Language Mentor is a) a mobile app, and b) a free and open platform for publishing language lessons. The Humanities app... see more

Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy introduces the seven most widely read and important thinkers of the “classical... see more

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Get The Research is an Open Access Research Search Engine/Tool designed for the general public to make it easier to find,... see more

The Research Organization Registry (ROR) is a community-led project to develop an open, sustainable, usable, and unique... see more