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The MLA provides short tutorial videos that help users make the most of the bibliography’s rich metadata and its advanced... see more

DNA, genetics, and biotechnology online resources and hands-on educational programs for students, educators, and the... see more

Objeto de Aprendizagem do Jogo tipo, parágrafo OS Alunos da 1 série do Ensino Médio da Disciplina de História.

Introduction to SOMMER'S WORLD LITERATURE TO GO, a YouTube channel that offers free, entertaining and short video... see more

A short educational animated film that introduces the study of semiotics

This is a TED talk about how sosciety views a person's apperance and judges them based off it. 

"A Language for Movement" (1996) is part of an Open University series entitled "Seeing through Mathematics". This 25... see more

A 3D timeline chronicling the major explorers and their discoveries of the 16th century in North and South America.

Pimsleur Approach offers German language games for young learners that are based around color, weather, memory and match... see more

First part of the series "Focus Human Rights". It deals with Civil and Political Rights, with Human Rights violations and... see more

'Stack the Countries™ makes learning about the world fun! Watch the countries actually come to life in this colorful and... see more

Spanish games focused on making key vocabularly memorization fun and interactive for younger learners.

Flash based games to teach kids spanish. Includes the topics of colors, the weather, memory, and a Spanish match-up game

Various videos, animations, and interactive activities for Biology, Communications, Psychology, Music, Nursing, and Human... see more

MyChina Village aims to develop a pedagogically sound, sustainable virtual world for Chinese learners in Second Life. It... see more

Animations of frequently used Chinese characters involving radicals, strokes, pinyin, bopomofo, etc.

This site provides good images of fetal development.  The material is biased towards pro-life and may be good material... see more

"אבודים בחצור" היא הרפתקה מקוונת המתרחשת בעבר. הגולש נכנס לנעליו של חוקר בסוכנות ממשלתית עלומה, אשר יוצא בעקבותיו של... see more

שמשון הגיבור  -הוא היה גיבור, הוא קרא לדרור, כל העם אהב אותו ואחרי קומבינות מטורפות הצלחנו לארגן. סרטון אנימציה אודות... see more

מבט מצחיק וקצת מוטרף על תולדות עם ישראל, עם המגישה המהממת והמבריקה צנונית, כתב השטחהנועז נצח ישראל, עם עילום שם טוב העד... see more