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This website presents videos by great educators and facilitates the incorporation of these videos in lessons.  A "flip"... see more

This resource offers advice on how to avoid plagiarism. It contains the following sections: 1. Overview and... see more

Connecting Presidential Collections is a free centralized site for searching across presidential collections.   The... see more

This video (7:35) is enlightening about the scope and repercussions of sharing personal information online.

As the site says, "Google Lit Trips are free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous... see more

This is a tool to create interactive timelines.  While often used for history, they can be used for any subject with a... see more

This is a free, easy-to-use tool that can be used to create custom Jeopardy game questions available online. It can be... see more

Princeton University is making available a new collection of digitized material on liberty and the American Revolution.... see more

This is a tool that makes decision-making fun.  Its uses are limited only by the needs and imagination of the educator. ... see more

This website can be used for mind mapping;  it's a graphical tool for developing and organizing ideas.  It's a Web... see more

"Publications on Paris architecture and urbanism, including a number of works by Austrian-born Jean-Charles Krafft... see more

This NOVA site shows how forensic investigators tease secrets from the well-preserved bodies of people buried long ago in... see more

Big Think, newly opened, hopes to be "a YouTube for ideas." The site offers brief interviews with academics, authors,... see more

This site is about the "Code Talkers", native Americans who were asked to develop a way of transmitting secret messages... see more

This tutorial explains how to use Word 2007's new Citation styler feature to add both a formatted bibliography and... see more

On this site are often stunning photos on a wide variety of topics.  Users can create their own slide shows comprised of... see more

This site offers a large collection of free classic books, plays, and short stories by authors such as Dickens, Austen,... see more

This quiz reinforces the contents of the video "Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint" from the Internet... see more

This is a search engine dedicated to finding the best free university courses online. Several universities publish their... see more

This site from Google provides lesson plans on three levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced, as well as a daily search... see more

This tutorial explores plagiarism and related matters with case examples and positive strategies you can use to improve... see more

This site provides an interactive display of interesting words.  Words floating down the page can be clicked for further... see more

We use the WWW for so many things today--information, communication, collaboration.  This little booklet, by the Google... see more