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I have produced a series of introductory undergraduate lectures on the subject of feminism and gender: the first... see more

This video provides a brief history of Latin American Liberation Theology and explains why the Vatican condemned it.

This video explains the teachings of Confucius. Education is the path to moral excellence, which is central to building a... see more

This first chapter explains what it means to be logical—to reason logically. It demonstrates the usefulness of logical... see more

In exploring the concept of implication, which is at the heart of nearly all reasoning, we divided it into two types:... see more

This chapter introduced the concept of a sentence's logical form and the concept of logical equivalence between... see more

This chapter focused on the logical forms of arguments in Aristotle's class logic. For deductive arguments involving... see more

Inductive arguments are more common than deductive arguments, and they are more difficult to analyze, but logical... see more

This chapter explored the difference between a causal claim and one that is merely correlational. Causality and... see more

When scientists are trying to gain a deep understanding of how the world works, they seek general patterns rather than... see more

Every argument contains at least one intended conclusion plus one or more supporting reasons, called premises. However,... see more

To be a good communicator, you should be precise enough for the purpose at hand. When faced with a claim that someone... see more

This chapter clarified the principles of charity and fidelity and explored the intricacies of assessing unusual claims.... see more

This chapter examined a variety of ways that writers and speakers communicate less well than we and they expect.... see more

We learned about how to improve writing, especially argumentative writing. Be sure your writing is clearly organized, or... see more

To defend yourself against the bombardment of propaganda, con games, political hype, and sales pitches, you should demand... see more

Clicking DOWNLOAD MATERIAL, will download the resource. The logical reasoner sticks to the issue, makes only relevant... see more

In this chapter we examined the notion of inconsistency, which plays such an important role in judgments of... see more

This interactive ethical reasoning module will guide you through the ethical decision making process by first describing... see more

You hear the words “Socialism” and “Capitalism” thrown around a lot, but what do they really mean? And what are the pros... see more

Have you ever been concerned with income inequality? If so, this is the place for you. This short online course... see more

Join Professor Laura Kipnis of Northwestern University in this short online course as she provides her take on many... see more

Have you ever wondered if Free Speech has its limits? Well, this is the place for you. You’ve got freedom of speech, but... see more

Material didáctico de Flipped Learning. Enseñanza del Método Time para elaborar Tesis de Posgrado en Artes y Diseño