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Interactive discussion of issues in limiting life-sustaining treatment under headings: Who? How? Where? Why? When?

This site is intended to help students in college level critical thinking classes learn some of the basic concepts of the... see more

Interactive textbook for introductory logic courses. Topics include: (i) Boolean searching (ii) propositional logic with... see more

This is a free, online tutorial designed for Philosophy students.  Students will "learn how to make discerning use of the... see more

One of the major learning steps of young scientists is to think critically. This fascinating site offers insight into the... see more

This site provides a field guide for the identification and critical evaluation of all kinds of arguments and commonly... see more

Introducción a la Filosofía

Short tutorial on how to create a truth table

[Sorry, but "Lost in the Cosmos" seems to be lost in cyberspace. In case it ever returns, this entry can be used as a... see more