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In Chinese Buddhist Art Gallery by Mytheast, you can find a lot of information about Chinese Buddhist art, including... see more

Jesus had a sense of humor and finding it helps us lighten up.  This short, online course published by Udemy and... see more

De Gruyter publishes fully open access journals across Science, Technology, Mathematics (STM) and Humanities, Social... see more

Have you ever wondered how we got the Bible we have today, and why different religious traditions have different books in... see more

Offering key insights into critical debates on the construction, management and destruction of heritage in Muslim... see more

This website discusses the different approaches and worldviews associated with the words "religion" and "spirituality".

This website describes the responsibilities and qualifications for the role of imam in Islam.

This website describes the responsibilities and qualifications for the role of Christian pastor.

This website describes the duties and qualifications of the Catholic priesthood.

Explore Jewish Life and Judaism at My Jewish Learning, your go-to source for Jewish holidays, rituals, celebrations,... see more

Guide to open access academic resources for the study of religion.

This website is a helpful guide for definitions and statistics concerning religion.

This website helps one further understand Underhill's description of the stages of faith.

This website provides further information on Maslow and the stages of faith.

This website helps one further investigate Paul Ricoeur's concept of naiveté as it relates to the stages of faith.

This website constructs a thoughtful definition of religion using experiential and observational categories.

This website summarizes a diversity of reasons for engaging in the academic study of religion.

Dignity in the 21st Century - Middle East and West is unique and insightful for a range of reasons. First, the book is... see more

This open access book presents fresh ethnographic work from the regions of Africa and Melanesia—where the popularity of... see more

Frontiers’ CEO, Kamila Markram, makes a case at TEDxBrussels for why open science is the key to innovation, economic... see more

The Open Commons of Phenomenology is a nonprofit, international scholarly association whose mission is to provide free... see more

Humanities Commons is a trusted, non-profit network where humanities scholars can create a professional profile, discuss... see more

The history of Charismatic Christianity in the Nordic countries reaches as far back as Pentecostalism itself. The bounds... see more