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A multi-stage game in which you get clues, solve a logic puzzle, and are rewarded for your efforts with humorous answers... see more

We develop original, interactive Java games on Jewish themes using our in-house technologies for image packing,... see more

The Pluralism Project was developed to study, analyze, and document the growing religious diversity of the United States,... see more

Jesus had a sense of humor and finding it helps us lighten up. This short, online course published by Udemy and... see more

""The Hanukkah House is a demonstration project integrating computers and Jewish learning in a play-like setting.""

Learn the Hebrew words for what we bought for Shabbat.

An excellent and thorough academic Bible Study site maintained mostly by professionals of the Dallas Theological... see more

The "official" Roman Catholic Website. Contains the full text of the 1919 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia, as well... see more

The best Bible text site on the Web, containing numerous English translations as well as translations in other languages.... see more

This is the article in the Encyclopaedia Britannica on the Bible. It is a small book actually and gives a very scholarly... see more

Website for courses in the history of the "second temple" period. Part of the Assisting You to Learn set of websites

'This collaboration between the Wabash Center and the American Academy of Religion (AAR) makes available more that 1800... see more

Discusses all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality from a religious perspective

Description of abortion from all viewpoints and from a religious perspective

An essay promoting religious tolerance and understanding

Discussion of Christianity, including belief systems of conservative Protestants, liberal Protestants, Eastern Orthodox,... see more

A very extensive and most oft referenced site devoted to the promotion of religious tolerance. Presents basic information... see more

This free, online textbook is found at HippoCampus, so the book is indexed by topic, rather than using a table of... see more

Describes the meaning and significance of the names of God in Genesis

CCEL is a theological library containing 1000+ of the most important public-domain works. Various topics include: books... see more

BibleDudes is a totally awesome, entertaining, and informative website devoted to teaching the most influential book ever... see more