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Helps ESL/EFL students improve their English listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading quiz... see more

The Guide to Grammar and Writing, which is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, is an interactive site... see more

For independent learners, this site offers listening comprehension activities based on audio clips, reading, and grammar... see more

Practice ESL vocabulary by themes.

Interactive guided-writing exercises. Learners provide data and short answers that the program uses to generate several... see more

Practical conversations for learners of English as a second or foreign language via a podcast.

Practice with U.S. idioms and expressions for learners of ESL.

A variety of free games for students to practice learning English. The games require the Macromedia Flash plug-in. The... see more

Free printable flash cards with photographs for kids,' ESL, SAT, and GRE vocabulary flash cards

This Flash learning object helps International students anticipate questions from U.S. students and helps them to hear... see more

Self-scoring lessons, cloze exercises, and multiple-choice tests for ESL reading, grammar, and vocabulary practice... see more

Contains instructions and quizes on parts of speech, sentence elements, punctuation, and word use.

Interactive listening lessons based on current events and news items in the United States. Exercises in vocabulary,... see more

Practice exercises for basic English grammar. Excellent resource for ESL .

For data-driven language learning on the web. Tools for text manipulation.

The present learning object was created to provide an eye-catching introduction to the language of women’s clothing for... see more

English grammar exercises for learners of ESL.  The English Center provides Gallaudet students with help in understanding... see more

This is a game for students to practice the use of past participle forms of irregular verbs.

Award-winning site offering interactive java script ESL exercises including readings, crossword puzzles, word-order... see more

Real Audio pronunciation activities for learners of English. Many varied activities with related links.

Text about Easter Island with gapfill exercise.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading   CEFR Domain: Public   Can-Do... see more

Multiple-choice questions on notices.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   CEFR Domain: Public.   Can-Do Statement:... see more

19 reading comprehension practice sets with five types of exercises -   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do... see more

Simplified readings and comprehension exercises for learners of ESL.