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This survey addresses the use of technology in upper secondary mathematics education from four points of view:... see more

Video lectures explaining problem solving strategies are available:... see more

Linear Algebra is a text for a first US undergraduate Linear Algebra course. You can use it as a main text, as a... see more

A First Course in Linear Algebra presents an introduction to the fascinating subject of linear algebra for students who... see more

This free online book (e-book in webspeak) should be usable as a stand-alone textbook or as a companion to a course using... see more

An openly licensed applied calculus textbook, covering derivatives, integrals, and an intro to multivariable calculus.... see more

This book contains basic math information about the following:   1  Calculation   2  Consumption   3  Logic & the Media... see more

The title of this book is perhaps misleading, as there is no statistics within. It is instead a fairly straightforward... see more

Table of Contents: Statements and Sets More on Sets and Statements  Functions Proofs  Recursion and Induction Relations... see more

It is natural to begin our study of linear algebra with the process of solving systems of linear equations, and... see more

This book is a fairly straightforward introduction to differential equations, with an applied emphasis. The student... see more

The text is organized in the same manner as many publisher's texts overall, but with a few significant differences, which... see more

The text is based on the assumption that students taking Intermediate Algebra in college should work on fundamental... see more

Mathematical literacy is an individual’s capacity to identify and understand the role that mathematics plays in the... see more

Intermediate Algebra is the second part of a two-part course in Algebra. Written in a clear and concise manner, it... see more

This is a resource to support math classes. Topics include: 1Basic Math Review 2Variables, Expressions, and Equations... see more

This text is, by far, the best elementary algebra textbook offered under a Creative Commons license. It is written in... see more

Welcome to the study of prealgebra. In this first chapter of study, we will introduce the set of natural numbers, then... see more

Fundamentals of Mathematics is a work text that will help the student develop the insight and intuition necessary to... see more

This book is a course on arithmetic designed for college students. It covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals,... see more

The first portion of the book is an investigation of functions, exploring the graphical behavior of, interpretation of,... see more

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra was designed to reduce textbook costs to students while not reducing the quality of... see more

A clear, methodical approach to topics in prealgebra, with good explanations of concepts. This book includes plenty of... see more

Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems introduces students to mathematical/computational modeling... see more