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A searchable database of more than 1000 test questions for introductory statistics concepts. The user is prompted to... see more

This is a website which allow the mind to get a good workout. This packed full of puzzles website includes more options... see more

A collection of online quizzes on many topics in undergraduate mathematics, featuring randomly generated questions,... see more

The problem proposed by ninedigits is to reorder the numbers from 1 to 9 in a square of 3 * 3 to make the sum of the... see more

The California State University Math Success Website offers a variety of college prep math resources and a personalized... see more

This is a practice quiz students can take either in class or out of class. Answers are provided as short videos that... see more

Customizable and printable negative exponents worksheet. The website allows you to customize the worksheet with up to 30... see more

This article explains how a layman can read a news report of a poll without being duped by the hype.

The app proposes 21 challenges to overcome. Obtaining the proper fractions listed at the top of the application, adding... see more

This website is mostly for the lower grade levels, from elementary school to middle school. Contains alot of information,... see more

Quickly customize and print adding multiples of 10 addition worksheets with this free printable worksheet maker. All... see more

A collection of Classic Fallacies.

This is a fun puzzle page. It is an interactive game that helps you to learn magic squares. Its very simple so it is easy... see more

Pick and Click is a method of producing SCORM-compliant, graphical-matching exercises similar to drag-and-drop. The... see more

Created by Steven R. Costenoble and Stefan Waner or Hofstra University, this site contains ninteen true/false quizzes... see more

Programs for students about to start first and second year courses in Mathematics. Students can test themselves to see... see more

'Master Algebra I with the interactive workbook! Over 100 practice questions with instant "ShowMe" lessons: if you get... see more

This quiz reinforces the contents of the video "Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint" from the Internet... see more

JClic es un entorno para la creación, realización y evaluación de actividades educativas multimedia, desarrollado en la... see more

This website offers children at the 4th grade level a chance to take short quizzes in different subject areas and get... see more