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1-24 of 62 results for: MERLOT Materials provides educators, students, journalists, publishers, and researchers with a free and open source software... see more

This is a lesson plan following the Instructional Design Template. It allows students the opportunity to explore the... see more

This is a stand-alone instructional resource for use in an elementary classroom (grades 3-5). It reviews decimal and... see more

This is an activity to teach third-fifth grade students learn how to conduct a survey and create a double bar graph on... see more

In this lesson, students use a 10 × 10 grid as a model for solving various types of percent problems. This model offers a... see more

Keisan Online Calculator site is provided and supported by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. This site contains various Free... see more

This Java applet demonstrates visually how changing the coefficients in a quadratic function changes the graph, and shows... see more

In Google Docs, you can type with your voice instead of your fingers by using the Voice Typing tool. In addition to... see more

Experiment is an online, crowdfunding, Open Science/Open Access platform for advancing the discovery, funding, and... see more

Histropedia uses data from Wikipedia and Wikidata to automatically generate interactive timelines with events linked to... see more

Students have the opportunity to explore relationships between angles formed by two parallel lines and a transversal.... see more

This is a full lesson plan for applying percents in a real life application.

This activity uses a series of related arithmetic experiences to prompt students to generalize into more abstract ideas.... see more

This lesson is intended to be used for review after students have learned about GCF. It takes about 30 minutes to... see more

PC-based software and interactive tutorial to learn how to write mathematical proofs. Makes use of innovative... see more

It is a calculator site that consists of several apps in various topics in numerical analysis, linear algebra, and... see more

This investigation uses a motion detector to help students understand graphs and equations. Students experience constant... see more

Solving linear equations is a cornerstone of Algebra and other higher level math classes. The skills involved are... see more

This resource has multiple concepts for geometry and trigonometry. The concepts are divided among chapters with links on... see more

Has a lot of text and definitions. Applets corresponding to the text is used to hep students visualize the concepts.

This lesson offers a pair of puzzles to enforce the skills of identifying equivalent trigonometric expressons. Addtional... see more

This lesson can be used to show the geometric basis of algebraic factoring using algebra tiles.

Full lesson plan on assigning values to variables. Uses manipulatives.

Given growth charts for the heights of girls and boys, students will use slope to approximate rates of change in the... see more