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Highlights of Calculus is a series of short videos that introduces the basic ideas of calculus — how it works and why it... see more

This introductory calculus course covers differentiation and integration of functions of one variable, with applications.

This is an undergraduate course on differential calculus in one and several dimensions. It is intended as a one and a... see more

Differential Equations are the language in which the laws of nature are expressed. Understanding properties of solutions... see more

This course covers the same material as Differential Equations (18.03) with more emphasis on theory. In addition, it... see more

This course covers the same material as 18.03 with more emphasis on theory. Topics include first order equations,... see more

This course provides a review of linear algebra, including applications to networks, structures, and estimation, Lagrange... see more

Analysis I covers fundamentals of mathematical analysis: convergence of sequences and series, continuity,... see more

18.104 is an undergraduate level seminar for mathematics majors. Students present and discuss subject matter taken from... see more

This course covers harmonic theory on complex manifolds, the Hodge decomposition theorem, the Hard Lefschetz theorem, and... see more

This course covers the classical partial differential equations of applied mathematics: diffusion, Laplace/Poisson, and... see more

Principles of Applied Mathematics is a study of illustrative topics in discrete applied mathematics including sorting... see more

This is an introductory course in algebraic combinatorics. No prior knowledge of combinatorics is expected, but assumes a... see more

The course consists of a sampling of topics from algebraic combinatorics. The topics include the matrix-tree theorem and... see more

This course analyzed the basic techniques for the efficient numerical solution of problems in science and engineering.... see more

The focus of this course is on numerical linear algebra and numerical methods for solving ordinary differential... see more

Find out what solid-state physics has brought to Electromagnetism in the last 20 years. This course surveys the physics... see more

This graduate level course is more extensive and theoretical treatment of the material in Computability, and Complexity... see more

This course introduces students to probability and random variables. Topics include distribution functions, binomial,... see more

This graduate-level course focuses on one-dimensional nonparametric statistics developed mainly from around 1945 and... see more

In this undergraduate level seminar series, topics vary from year to year. Students present and discuss the subject... see more

This is a new course, whose goal is to give an undergraduate-level introduction to representation theory (of groups, Lie... see more

This course covers the fundamental notions and results about algebraic varieties over an algebraically closed field. It... see more

This course provides an introduction to the language of schemes, properties of morphisms, and sheaf cohomology. Together... see more