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The study of "abstract algebra" grew out of an interest in knowing how attributes of sets of mathematical objects behave... see more

From the preface: “This is a book on linear algebra and matrix theory. While it is self-contained, it will work best for... see more

In this course, the student will learn the basic terminology and concepts of probability theory, including sample size,... see more

This course covers descriptive statistics, the foundation of statistics, probability and random distributions, and the... see more

This course is a continuation of Abstract Algebra I: the student will revisit structures like groups, rings, and fields... see more

This course is divided into four learning units and an appendix. The course begins with a unit that provides a review of... see more

This course introduces cryptography by addressing topics such as ciphers that were used before World War II, block cipher... see more

This course focuses on linear ordinary differential equations (or ODEs) and will introduce several other subclasses and... see more

This course describes discrete mathematics, which involves processes that consist of sequences of individual steps (as... see more

This course covers the mathematical modeling, analysis, and control of physical systems that are at rest, in motion, or... see more

Partial differential equations (PDEs) describe the relationships among the derivatives of an unknown function with... see more

This course introduces the student to the study of linear algebra. Practically every modern technology relies on linear... see more

Linear Algebra is both rich in theory and full of interesting applications (from simplifying internet search algorithms... see more

Multivariable Calculus is an expansion of Single-Variable Calculus in that it extends single variable calculus to higher... see more

This course examines how numerical methods are used by engineers to translate the language of mathematics and physics... see more

This course begins by establishing the definitions of the basic trig functions and exploring their properties, and then... see more

This course is designed to introduce the student to the rigorous examination of the real number system and the... see more

This course is designed to introduce the student to the study of Calculus, which, in its simplest terms, is the study of... see more

This course is the second installment of Single-Variable Calculus. The student will explore the mathematical applications... see more