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The California State University and MERLOT have partnered to showcase how and why faculty have adopted Open Educational... see more

For Math 205: Business Calculus by Dale Hoffman, Shana Calloway, and David Lippman is a derivative work based on Dale... see more

This site provides user with a collection of graphing examples that are helpful for Calculus students and other related... see more

Openly licensed curated exercises on calculus. Starting with differentiation and integration up to complex numbers.

This is an interview with Kelly Winter of Reedley College. She talks about using OERs in her Mathematics classes.

NOTE: This book is from BookBoon which is free for 30 days. Then one must subscribe to their service which costs $5.99... see more

Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications is a collection of Open Educational Resource (OER) materials designed to... see more

All in one. Step by step solution. This app includes a lot of mathematics topics such as geometry, equations and... see more

An online calculator for solving quadratic equations by means of the quadratic formula. Solution steps are provided.

Online calculator to be used for adding, subtracting, or multiplying two matricies.

TI-89 graphing calculator simulator.

This webpage contains a collection of some Linear Algebra Course resources including some important concepts, results,... see more

To the surprise of experts in the field, a postdoctoral statistician has solved one of the most important problems in... see more

Everything from high school algebra to graduate level courses are covered in this selection of free online mathematics... see more

Online calculator which provides step-by-step solutions for algebra problems.

This site provides users with online calculator for solving indefinite integrals.

This site provides users with online calculator for find a derivative of function

Collection of interactive Trigonometry lessons.

The focus of this textbook is on applying discrete math techniques from the two broad component areas of discrete math,... see more

This workbook with practice exercises for Quantitative Reasoning was created through a Round 14 Textbook Transformation... see more

This collection of worksheets, homework assignments, and study skills exercises was created through a Round 14 Textbook... see more

Interactive game allowing users to practice plotting points on a coordinate plane.

Interactive online game allowing uses to practice order of operations skills

Interactive game allowing users to practice identifying, reducing, and recognizing equivalent fractions.