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A huge list of resources in various topics of mathematics and math education.

Extensive, cross-linked collection of proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, some with accompanying Java applets.

This site provides information about all aspects of tessellations, from their history and development to complete... see more

An introduction to cartography emphasizing map projections, their properties, applications and basic mathematics.... see more

A site for tiling from the historical and mathematical viewpoint. Hundreds of tiling images grouped and classified by... see more

Symmetry properties of the 4x4 array. The invariance of symmetry displayed in the author's Diamond 16 Puzzle (online)... see more

This is Edwin Abbott's novel about a two-dimensional being who visits one-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.... see more

A large collection of information on knot theory.

This site provides an extremely large encyclopedia-style collection of material related to mathematics at the college... see more

Este sitio web esta dirigido para estudiantes que cursen el ultimo año de primaria y el primero de secundaria, ya sea... see more

This site contains several hundred articles concerned with mathematics and physics. General topics include Number Theory,... see more

Housed with the Digital Mathematics Archive (, this site contains a complete... see more

Enjoy exciting interactive math activities for student success! Choose from over 200 educational math activities to... see more

Free downloads of LOGO and tutorials in various formats.

Basic geometry resources are always in demand, and educators and students alike will breathe an easy sigh of relief as... see more

El famoso Teorema de Pitágoras es, probablemente, el contenido estrella de la geometría en la escuela y suele ser... see more

Throughout history, there have been many famous curves. In this case, the famous curves profiled here have names such as... see more

This page, created by the Goudreau Museum of the Mathematics in Art and Science, provides a tool to draw and customize... see more

Created by Kyle Siegrist of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, this is an online, interactive lesson on geometric... see more

The page contains an online scientific calculator with integrated unit converter. It provides scientific functions,... see more

'Like fractals? Want to know more about them? The Wolfram Fractals Reference App is a handy reference you can take with... see more