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This geometry unit from Illuminations will help students learning about symmetry and rotation in figures and patterns.... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations asks students to draw two line segments through a point on the diagonal of a... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations uses squares to represent equivalences involving square- and cube-roots. Students... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations presents the Triangle Classification problem. Students will attempt to classify... see more

This geometry lesson, one in a series of lessons on symmetries from Illuminations, looks at glide reflection. Glide... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations investigates translations and their properties. The material will help students... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations aids students in the transition from using two-column proofs to paragraph-style... see more

This lesson offers help to students who will eventually write mathematical proofs. The material allows students to put... see more

This math unit from Illuminations includes two lessons which help to teach the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines. The... see more

This site has some great geometry worksheets for high school level students. There are free worksheets as well as an... see more

This is a great site for finding worksheets related to lessons in algebra and geometry. There are also math related... see more

The goal for this lesson is to provide students with an understanding of how to find the area of any regular polygon.... see more