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This site is part of the NCTM's Student i-Math Investigations website. It introduces the regression line and incorporates... see more

Includes teacher generated activities. A section of the coast line is randomly given an angle (two lines), resulting in a... see more

This is a goal directed lesson plan which guides students in finding equivalent fractions using dot paper rectangles and... see more

Quoted from the site: This Web site contains a page for each section of the book Principles of Calculus Modeling, an... see more

This is a sub-site of IDEA (Internet Differential Equations Activities). This learning material is a lab-type exploration... see more

SRA is a web application that calculates the auditory roughness of sound signals, based on a roughness calculation model... see more

This is a subsite associated with the parent site called IDEA (Internet Differential Equation Activities). The activity... see more

This is a sub-site of IDEA (Internet Differential Equations Activities). The qualitative aspects of El Niño - Southern... see more

This website takes Escher’s drawings a step further by showing his “impossible” drawings as physical objects;... see more

This helps one to sketch equations, and calculate statistical parameters of Central Tendency, Skewness, Quartiles,... see more

The diagram shows a geometric construction for a cubic spline curve.

Mysteriously beautiful fractals are shaking up the world of mathematics and deepening our understanding of nature. Design... see more

Interactive applet to visualize numbers: Write a simple operation (addition, subtraction or multiplication) and solve in... see more