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A huge list of resources in various topics of mathematics and math education. is a free online algebra study guide and problem solver designed to supplement any algebra course. There... see more

The website has lessons for the course Algebra 1 with interactive activities using geoabra.

This site offers terms and formulas in a mathematical dictionary appropriate for students taking algebra and calculus... see more

'Taking precalculus? Then you need the Wolfram Precalculus Course Assistant. This definitive app for precalculus--from... see more

Huge list of visually searchable algebra problems. Click on a problem to see it worked out on YouTube. -->Often students... see more

Simplifying searches. With a few mouse clicks or screen touches, anyone helping a 7 year old (second grader) to add whole... see more

Free online mobile-friendly Trigonometry end-page notes and formulas.

A set of notes covering the mathematical background needed for the study of Statics, Dynamics, and Strength of Materials... see more

'Don;t want an expensive calculator with functions you would never use? Do you want to solve your trigonometric problems... see more

Enter 3 parts of a triangle and then enter the number of solutions and then your solution(s) accurate to the hundredths... see more

Quoted from the site: EqWorld presents extensive information on solutions to various classes of ordinary differential,... see more

"Equation Genius will help you do you math in seconds. It supports: - 1st degree equations (ax + b = c) - Quadratic (2nd... see more

"Math.Trig is great for students learning how to solve triangles with it’s simple interface, clear, brightly colored... see more

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, outlines the math and applications of parallax. Parallax is the... see more