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Introduction to Data Science (IDS) Curriculum teaches students to reason with, and think critically about, data in all... see more

The Statistical Foundations seminar was created as part of the NSF-funded Data Science for All project with the goal of... see more

The OER is a tutorial video teaching the basic concepts of probability. It is intended for both high school and undergrad... see more

The branch of mathematics concerned with probability, the analysis of random phenomena.

Learn statistics and probability for free—everything you'd want to know about descriptive and inferential statistics.... see more

Here, we have given you access to the best probability and statistics pdf eBooks and many other academic books for free.... see more

Here is a list of online books about Probability and Statistics in various formats available for free:

The Third Edition contains some new material. More specifically, the chapter on large sam- ple theory has been... see more

This book is both a tutorial and a textbook. It is based on over 15 years of lectures in senior level calculus based... see more

Probability and statistics are fascinating subjects on the interface between mathematics and applied sciences that help... see more

This book is an introductory text on probability and statistics, targeting students who have studied one year of calculus... see more

This manual provides detailed guidelines for using the Simple Linear Actuarial Model in the assessment of health... see more

From their role in the economy to their failure rates to the challenges of finding business loans. Here, we’ve gathered... see more

Rate of Covid-19 vaccination worldwide as of February 24, 2021, by country.

This video provides valuable guidance on choosing the appropriate statistical test.

This is a peer-reviewed educational series of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) on point pattern analysis. The first... see more

Angka harian sebuah situs informasi terupdate dan tercepat 2021 angka harian

Support Course for Elementary Statistics for: - Front Matter - Decimals, Fractions, and Percents - The Number Line -... see more

This is a calculator menu that can handle just about all of the typical statistical items that a student will encounter... see more

Data visualization is useful for many research contexts. This guide will emphasize two in particular: 1. Exploratory data... see more

It has become simple to create a valid-looking website, which to the unassuming eye resembles an official, big-name news... see more

This online tutoral explains how to develop a data management plan.

This is a large collection of Geogebra based activities for confidence intervals.

This OER contains readings, videos, quizzes, discussion prompts, and homework assignments for Introduction to Statistics,... see more