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Large collection of platform independent, interactive, java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics and teacher... see more

Contains a variety of materials for environmental, health, and technological risk analysis teachers and students. Thes... see more

This site contains an elaborate collection of online, interactive and dynamic tutorials, demonstrations and tools for... see more

A collection of JavaScript for computing permutations and combinations counting with or without repetitions.

Equation Plotter (Plot mathematical equations, statistical distributions, numerical integration) Scientific Forecasting... see more

A JavaScript that computes expected values, variances, standard deviations, covariance, and beta parameters for bivariate... see more

It is a JavaScript that estimates the probability that one random variable is being greater than the other based on two... see more

Whenever the decision maker has some knowledge regarding the states of nature, he/she may be able to assign subjective... see more

It is a JavaScript to compute the p-values for the most popular distributions.

A JavaScript for computing the probability mass function and cumulative distribution function for the the widely used... see more

הקורס משמש מבוא לתורת ההסתברות לסטודנטים למתמטיקה ועשוי לעניין גם סטודנטים להנדסה ולמדעים שיש להם הרקע הדרוש בחשבון... see more