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  Fundamentals of Personal Finance:   A Guide for Helping Professionals This is my OER guide to very basic concepts of... see more

Because International, a non-profit organization founded by Kenton Lee, have created an innovative shoe: an adjustable... see more

Nota de uso: hay dos formas de acceder a los objetos de aprendizaje en SEDICI. Una es haciendo clic en "Enlace externo" o... see more

El OA presenta la operación de inserción de un elemento en un vector en una posición determinada, utilizando para ello el... see more

El OA presenta el procedimiento del Modelado con Casos de Uso. El objetivo del OA es que el alumno identifique el diseño... see more

This FREE ECG simulator will help you practice interpreting core rhythms, as well as exceptions such as AV Blocks. It... see more

An Interactive Learning Module on Thyroid Hormones

An Interactive Learning Module on Growth Hormone

An interactive learning module on general principles of intercellular functions and hormonal action

Abstract: This open textbook is designed for an undergraduate technical communication course, suitable for engineering or... see more

Tópicos Complementares em Circuitos Elétricos e Eletrônicos is a collection of hypermedia/video learning objects to... see more

Problemas de Sinais e Sistemas em Discussão is a colletion of hypermedia/video learning objects that discuss the solution... see more

Projeto VISIR+ is a collection of many types of digital materials developed to support the use and experimentation with... see more

This open access book offers new insights into the ageing-migration nexus and the nature of home. Documenting the hidden... see more

Solar energetic particles (SEPs) emitted from the Sun are a major space weather hazard motivating the development of... see more

With technology standards becoming increasingly common, particularly in the information and communications technology... see more

Presentación Introducción La próxima presentación tiene como objetivo un tema abordado en el cual se elije un escenario y... see more


This open textbook is being utilized in a chemistry course for undergraduate students by Larry Mink, Ph.D., at California... see more

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. It relates to the III Annual Conference hosted by the Russian Federal... see more

In Google Docs, you can type with your voice instead of your fingers by using the Voice Typing tool. In addition to... see more