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The Internet may be changing our brains, making it more difficult for us to concentrate and devote full attention to the... see more

In this interview at the Aspen Institute, Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone discuss their company and the... see more

This is a complete first course in programming, using VB.NET using VB.NET. Student outcomes using this material are... see more

The presentation illustrates the idea of an application program interface or API, using Twitter as an example.

Thirty nine modules on wireless communicaton theory and application. I use this in an undergraducate IS course for... see more

In this talk at the State Department, Clay Shirky reviews the history of communication technology revolutions. He argues... see more

IT literacy courses and curriculum date back to the 1960s at Dartmouth. Since that time, the curriculum has been revised... see more

A document describing our IT literacy topic modules, the structure of our presentations, and the course outline.

We will see the use of several image processing operations in creating a 200 by 200 pixel picture. An informal notion of... see more

This presentation is on application programs. No skills are covered but technology concepts include what a program is and... see more

A reference page with HTML tags for basic pages.

Since Twitter posts or "tweets" are limited to 140 characters, we must learn to use commonly accepted abbreviations and... see more

Using Wikipedia as an example, we will look at the four wiki operations, editing a page (including creating new pages,... see more

We see that servers have access to our IP addresses and other information.That information can be used to estimate our... see more

This presentation is an overview of a five-step procedure for creating narrated videos of PowerPoint presentations. In... see more

PowerPoint is often dismissed and criticized, but I find it to be a powerful teaching tool. I present three tips for... see more

A good recording requires experimentation and adjustment of the microphone position and volume adjustment. The goal is to... see more

The h1 tag specifies a level one heading. The text between the h1 tag and the closing tag is large and boldface. Note... see more

We look at the audio processing work flow, noting that compression is done after editing and before you distribute your... see more

This presentation covers audio recording by maximizing the dynamic range of the recording while avoiding clipping and... see more

This presentation is about the class itself. We surveyed covered our skill levels and the applications we use. We also... see more

This presentation differentiates between client-server applications and peer-to-peer applications. We use Bit Torrent as... see more

We will see how to create a blog, change its appearance and layout, create posts and add edit gadgets. We will also... see more

In this presentation, we'll look at creating, modifying and posting to a blog using the Blogger service. Blogger is one... see more