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The speed of computer processors is growing rapidly in comparison to the speed of DRAM chips. The cost of a cache miss,... see more

Roman Korchagin gives practical examples of writing tests for a stand-alone class and its synchronous or asynchronous... see more

This paper presents a model for predicting the CPI of a multi-threaded pipelined processor. It also presents the results... see more

A source for information about all aspects of software patterns and pattern languages. Patterns and Pattern Languages are... see more

Experience has shown that the ability to trace requirements artifacts through the stages of specification, architecture,... see more

In object-oriented analysis, use case models describe the functional requirements of a future software system. Sizing the... see more

The Object Management Group (OMG) is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium that produces and maintains computer... see more

The Open Directory Project site is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed... see more

A paper discussing presents STAL, an extension of Typed Assembly Language (TAL) with stack constructs and stack types to... see more

JOT is an on-line peer-reviewed publication, published six times per year by the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of... see more

This site offers many on-line journals of which the Annals of Software Engineering is but one journal. Many articles... see more

The site examines MIPS as an example of an early RISC architecture to better understand the features and design of RISC... see more

The Standards Performance Evaluation Corporation is a standards body for performance benchmarks. SPEC is an umbrella... see more

The Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) is a Department of Defense... see more

The Software Engineering Institute has developed the Team Software Process (TSP) to help integrated engineering teams... see more

ACM serves a unique community of computer professionals working on computer design in both industry and academia. It is... see more

Architecture provides the foundation from which systems are built and an architectural model defines the vision on which... see more

The vision of ebXML is to create a single global electronic marketplace where enterprises of any size and in any... see more

Information on Data Mining and Analytic technologies (tutorials, papers, references)