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DEVELOP is a NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences training and development program. Students and young... see more

We often confuse the terms "mass" and "weight" and use them interchangeably even though they have very different... see more

This site's stated mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting... see more

Since the first days of the Mercury Program in the early 1960s, NASA scientists have sought to keep astronauts in space... see more

Perhaps this website poses a most significant question. What is microgravity and why is it important? In orbital... see more

This NASA resource provides access to a specific educator guide. The International Space Station Learning, Achieving,... see more

An excellent resource from NASA that seems to have everything a teacher needs in order to get involved with space-based... see more

This is an extensive and updated website from NASA that is essentially a "one-stop" for teacher rocketeers. The resources... see more

Interactive resource that teaches students about infra-red light.

Children embark on a fascinating mission to find and photograph North American endangered animals. This simulation lets... see more

The lessons are designed to increase students’knowledge, awareness, and curiosity about the processof scientific... see more

A Glovebox is a sealed container with built-in gloves. Astronauts perform small experiments and test hardware inside of... see more

The main site for the Particle Adventure. It is an interactive tour of sorts... see more

A discussion on anti-matter and what the fuss is all about.

Create your own activity sheets for the classroom. Make pattern blocks, number lines and grids, graph paper and more!... see more

This site lists a number of live volcano webcams.

This is the website for the Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory.

Weather is the state of the atmosphere at some place and time. We describe the weather in many ways. For example, we may... see more

Space exploration is our human response to curiosity about Earth, the moon, the planets, the sun and other stars, and the... see more

A robot is a mechanical device that operates automatically. Robots can perform a variety of tasks. They are especially... see more

Ozone (OH zohn) is a gas that is present in small amounts in Earth's atmosphere. In the troposphere (the lowest level of... see more

A meteor is a bright streak of light that appears briefly in the sky. Observers often call meteors shooting stars or... see more

The International Space Station is a large, inhabited Earth satellite that more than 15 nations are building in space.... see more