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This chapter describes the Cisco WIC-1ENET, a 1-port Ethernet interface card supporting 10BASE-T Ethernet. The card... see more

Introduction to Data Communications - The purpose of this book is to fill this void and introduce the concepts of data... see more

This article describes the differences between RS-232 and TTL, and how to build a converter that can connect a... see more

RS-232 has been around as a standard for decades as an electrical interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and... see more

The MIT Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) is an interdepartmental laboratory whose principal goal is research in... see more

Short video on how to search the internet by Common Craft.

Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide is an important part of the Commerce Department's efforts to... see more

Icon is a modern, high-level language with excellent features for parsing and building data structures.

Explanations of IP addresses, classes, netmasks, subnetting, and routing are provided, and several example networks are... see more

This document specifies level 1 of the Cascading Style Sheet mechanism (CSS1). CSS1 is a simple style sheet mechanism... see more

Since 1996, Scripts for Educators has been providing free Perl CGI scripts to the online educational community, and... see more

Follow this link for a comprehensive look at database normalization. A great resource for database designers of all... see more

Welcome to the second tutorial in our ongoing Introduction to SQL series! This week we'll take an in-depth look at using... see more

This case study in automating billing procedures at the University of North Carolina provides a great overview of the... see more

This beginner's tutorial is a guide through the entire process of building a Web site. The tutorial has six chapters.... see more

This tool uses JavaScript to implement a number system conversion tool that can be used to teach the concepts of... see more

Students investigate the behavior of disk scheduling algorithms by using a simulation program.