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This is a handout given to students when they are first introduced to MS Project to help them understand what the... see more

This is an assignment that will help students understand and create a LinkedIn profile.       For additional information... see more

A worksheet has been developed to help guide the student's interaction with the TLC simulation, and to help achieve the... see more

A worksheet has been developed to help guide the student's interaction with the Extraction Animation, and to help achieve... see more

The hemicellulosic component of wood is a potential feedstock to provide simple sugars to a biorefinery. Extracting a... see more

This paper is a first attempt at forming and articulating my own philosophy of nursing.

 A nuclear reactor is essentially a device to convert nuclear fission to heat, primarily by conversion of fast neutrons... see more

The processing of biochemicals and pharmaceuticals is just as important to Chemical Engineering today as petrochemical... see more

Grinding with a ball mill reduces the sizes of particulate solids. Most raw biomass is in the form of particles, which... see more

Upload this free Micro package to your LMS for students to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Automatically... see more

Resourses for healthcare professionals to talk to patients about vaccines that are needed for every age group.  Resources... see more

This porfolio describes the "Sedimentology and Stratigraphy in Google Earth," 7-part laboratory that can be utilized... see more

Let's Start Coding teaches coding to kids using electronic kits, real code examples and step-by-step guides. It's easier... see more

Identifies the PPM of Jupiter Hospital

 These sequence of labs will give you practical experience with common attacks and counter measures.

This links provides a table of contents that offerss an overview of each session for an Information System and Strategy... see more

This activity will demonstrate the process of work hardening and annealing of a copper. Students will get the opportunity... see more

The Materials Education Resource Center has provided this module to help students learn the basics of metal welding,... see more

This document provides a learning module on the basic differences between metal types and how to test metals. The lesson... see more

This learning activity will help students understand the particular structure of rubber: they will observe how rubber... see more

This document provides a learning module on tempered safety glass. In this activity, instructors demonstrate the fracture... see more

This learning module will introduce students to ISO 14001, which is a standard which serves as a framework assisting... see more