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Provides information and pictures on electron transfer reactions and their application in various areas of biology... see more

The historical, contemporary and prospective use of plants for the sustainable production of renewable, carbon-neutral... see more

Synapse Web includes some interactive pictures of neurons and other parts of the nervous system. Content was created by... see more

This is a good hypertext presentation of the endocrine system. It includes text, artwork, some basic animations, and... see more

An in depth and very detailed virtual lab manual with definitions, pictures and a wide range of topics from plant... see more

A complete lab course is provided within this Website for Plant Taxonomy Instructors and Students. Laboratory exercises... see more

Tobacco, one of the most prominent crops grown by natives of North Carolina in the 1500's, has intrigued botanists ever... see more

A site describing ethnobotany and providing a possible classroom exercise. The site describes various plants and their... see more

This site provides information on Mammography tests. The video shows you what to expect before, during, and after the... see more

This site provides introductory information on ultrasound imaging. The video shows you how an ultrasound scanner... see more

This site provides information about people from the Amazon and their scenery. It also descibes types of plants and... see more

Luminescent bacteria are presented in this site through studies of their natural environment, morphology and physiology,... see more

This site provides good text of medical biochemistry. It includes illustrations throughout, includes ones about protein... see more

The oldest living creature is a bristlecone pine tree living in California's White Mountains, dubbed by the scientist... see more

This website explains in detail about the human nervous system and the components that make up the nervous system.  

This video shows the response that plants have toward sunlight in terms of phototropism. It contains footage of various... see more

This is the journal site for the American Society of Plant Biologists. This particular site provides information for... see more

This website is a detailed description of skeletal bones and joints. There are also descriptions of various types of... see more

This site provides information about plant function, plant diversity, plant ecology, and human uses of plants. Text and... see more

This site provides information and shows examples of the various bryophytes. This site will continue to change as... see more

Provides links, animations, and information concerning genetically altered plants. The creation, study, and regulation of... see more

This site provides lecture notes in MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat format for General Biology, Plant Biology, Plant... see more

This site hosts an entertaining and educational stop-action video of the principle steps in plant tissue culture. The... see more

This site provide information on mycorrhizae and effects on host plants.  Some of the topics provide by this website... see more