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Clausius Clapeyron simulation is presented for a variety of liquids at or near the boiling point and across extended... see more

The Gibbs function is plotted as a function of the extent of reaction.

Part of a 2nd year course on first row transition metal chemistry. Spectra displayed using CHIME and JAVA applets... see more

The Peng–Robinson cubic equation of state (CEOS) is used to calculate the inversion curve of the Joule–Thomson effect for... see more

An important aspect of simple Crystal Field Theory is the orientation of the d-orbital lobes with respect to the position... see more

A marvellous Wolfram demonstration in which elemental property can be selected and then the periodic table is displayed... see more

You can simulate Radical Polymerization, calculate Polymer properties, monomer properties.

This Java applet shows a small part of the table of nuclids in which short notations like Th 232 (consisting of the... see more

A planar hexagonal lattice is rolled up into a cylinder. This can be an illustration of how a graphene sheet forms a... see more

A very effective presentation of simple cubic lattices

Optical properties such as dipole moment, oscillator strength, absorption and energy for graphene are available in an... see more

This site shows the condensation reaction involved in peptides and protein synthesis.

This java applet show you the physics processes of a Carnot heat engine. Carnot cycle is a four stage reversible sequence... see more

You can estimate Boiling Point, Critical Properties, Vapor Pressure, Density, Heat of Vaporization, Solubility Parameter,... see more

A Wolfram simulation showing titration of various acids with a strong base.

Van der Waals isotherms are presented with interactive simulation power.  The Maxwell construction is available as a... see more

A qualitative, non-math conversational -- but substantial -- introduction to the second law via practical everyday... see more

This applet simulates the titration of a weak acid (in the beaker) with a strong base (in the burette). The pK of the... see more

  This is an automated demonstration enabling the user to measure the optical rotatory dispersion of a mixture of optical... see more

This applet allows you to see the Gibbs Free Energy Equation from a qualitative or quantitative standpoint. You can... see more

Java Applet on the Law of Radioacive Decay that is part of a larger collection of Physics Applets. 

A limited Wolfram demonstration showing 3D interactive models for various numbers of electron domains with varying... see more