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Explore the relationships between Volume, Pressure and Temperature that form the basis of the ideal gas law and the... see more

A simulation of Craig Reynolds ""boids"" which display flocking behavior.   See Scientific American article describing... see more

Interactive animation of Dijkstras algorithm.

Illustrates how waveforms interact with each other.

This applet shows how using everyday appliances increases our total energy expenditure annually, in dollars and cents.

Simulations of experiments involving the application of an impulse (force over a short time period) to different masses.... see more

This applet animates 5 different sorting algorithms.

Carrier concentration vs. Fermi Level and the Doping of Donor and Acceptor Impurities

This animation simulates a nuclear power plant.

""This applet is to demonstrate the 3D structures of semiconductors.

Simulates a depth first search algorithm on a tree.

A practical demonstration of the Inverse Square law, and its applications in astronomy and optics.

Animation of LR(1) Parser.

Interactive animation of the Traveling Salesman problem.

Description of the basic operation of CMOS circuits including inverters, NAND gates, and NOR gates. Circuit simulations... see more

""...shows the Fermi function at a given termperature T.""

A calculator for determining basal resting and active metabolic rates.

Given a sequence of aminoacids, this program computes and plots the average net charge of the entire peptide, as function... see more

VoroGlide allow to watch how the structure of the Voronoi diagram/Delaunay triangulation/convex hull changes as... see more